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Educational Trust

The present and future competition and the Technical Developments in the field of Education gives us a thought and alerts us to be cautious, to give a thought to face them and to make use of them. For example in this race of Education a Reddy Student from rural area has to competitive with a students of a city like Hyderabad who has all the needful technical facilities. These facilities available in the cities are not with in the reach of rural students. Though the examination and the way in which it is conducted are equal to all the students where ever they are, the facilities are very different between rural students and students studying in cities. If you observe majority of the students belonging to the Reddy Community are from rural areas. Due to lack of these technical facilities rural Reddy students could not come forward in education. Thinking all about this the Reddy Pariwar has decided to head a Welfare and Educational Trust and take all the needful technology to the Reddy students living in rural areas. If we all could be able to do this we could increase the standard of the education in rural areas. The future development of Reddy community depends only on the strength and the standards of the education the present rural students of the community get. It is our responsibility to see that they get the best education. This will be possible only through this Trust.

Reddy Pariwar Educational Trust is founded on 5-2-2003 with the intention to cater to the Educational needs of poor girls and boys students by helping them financially and there by pave the way for their golden future. Reddy Pariwar Educational Trust helped many poor bright students already in good number. With the same spirit and commitment, trust continues to do so. After assessing their certificates, documents and annual income, deserving students will get help in suitable manner in pursuing their future endeavors.

One wing of the trust is Education and the second wing will be welfare. This wing will lookafter the health of Reddy community and will also give needful technical information to the formers, conduct Health Campus etc., This wing will take up the responsibility of the Reddy community in every way and will always act as a good guide For the uplift of the community.